Welcome to Miss Wasik's First Grade Class

Learning Made Fun


Merritt Mission Statement

“The mission of Merritt Academy is to instill in its students academic excellence, character development, a love for lifelong learning, and service to others.”


Vision Statement

Our vision is that students leave school with:
· A set of moral values-honesty, integrity, good judgment and respect for others.
· A comprehensive set of skills and a desire for knowledge in reading, writing, mathematics, science, arts, technology and health including developing a strong self-esteem and high personal expectations. We value the partnership which exists between school, parents and community and the part it plays in realizing this vision.


School Improvement Goals

All students will improve their ELA skills across the
     -Guided Reading
            - Author’s Purpose
            - Guided Highlighted Reading
            -Text Features
            -6+1 Traits
            -Collins Writing Program

Math:  All students will be proficient in Math.
                Algebra and Geometry (6-12)
                            -Spiral Review
                            -Board Work
                Numbers and Operations (K-12)
                            -Daily Interactive Practice
                            -Daily Math Questions
                            -Math Manipulatives
                            -Real life opportunities
                Measurement and Conversions (K-5)
                            -Spiral review
                            -Learning groups
                            -Real world applications

Science:  All students will be proficient in Science
                Earth Science (5-8)
                            -Guided highlighted reading
                            -Interactive lessons
                Physical Science (K-4)
                            -Guided highlighted reading
                            -Guided note taking
                            -Interactive lessons
                Research Summary (9-12)
                            -Guided highlighted reading
                            -Research based activities
                Scientific Process/Inquiry (K-12)
                            -Hands on activities
                            -Peer labs
                            -Using scientific tools
                            -Using interactive videos and websites

Social Studies: 
All students will be proficient in Social Studies.
                Civics and Economics
                            -Lesson development focused on civic practices
                            -Spiral Review
                            -Character Education
                            -MEAP focus areas
                History and Geography
                            -Guided Highlighted reading
                            -Use of informational text
                            -Differentiated lessons
                            -Guided reading for informational text